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Jann J. Bellamy is a Florida attorney and a prominent proponent of evidence-based medicine. She became interested in “alternative” medicine when the Florida Legislature tried to establish a chiropractic school within Florida State University in 2004. She joined others in leading opposition to the school, and this “done deal,” though strongly opposed by the University faculty, was undone by the university system Board of Governors. During this process, Jann became intrigued that scientifically implausible and unproven healthcare claims could be presented as fact to the public, even to the point of being codified into law.

Bellamy is a former law clerk to a federal judge, Florida Assistant Attorney General, and long-time partner in a Tallahassee law firm, where she practiced mainly in the civil litigation area. She left the active practice of law in 2006 to form a non-profit, the Campaign for Science-Based Healthcare, which educates the public about “alternative” healthcare claims and advocates for a state law requiring that all healthcare offered in Florida meet a basic scientific standard. She is also a columnist for Health News Florida.

Selected Writings:

  • No evidence that chiropractic ‘subluxation’ exists,” Health News Florida, 2010 Jun 9. “If the Florida Legislature passes a law based on a fiction, does the fiction become fact? Even if we are certain the fiction contains no facts, must we nevertheless feign the law is factual?”
  • No education? No training? No license? No problem!Science-Based Medicine Blog, 2010 Jun 7. “When Daniel David Palmer, the inventor of chiropractic, and his acolytes first took up the practice of chiropractic, around the turn of the last century, they were jailed for the unlicensed practice of medicine. If history had left them there, we might not be fighting a continuing battle with the pseudoscience that is ‘alternative’ medicine today.”
  • Why does Florida allow pseudoscience?Health News Florida, 2010 Apr 15. “The practice of the healing arts is part science and part, as the name implies, art. It is not always clear who is right and who is wrong, what works and what doesn’t. Those cases can be processed through the present system, which gives the practitioner the benefit of the doubt, and then some. But the use of certain outlier treatments – chelation for autism being one – are so thoroughly debunked that there’s no competent argument in their favor. Those practices must be stopped. And the sooner, the better.”
  • Re: chiropractic: a critical evaluation,” Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, 2008 Sep; 36(3):E4.
  • “[My View] chiropractic school out of alignment with taxpayer interests,” Tallahassee Democrat, 2004 Mar 10. “FSU did not ask for a chiropractic school and does not want one, but dollars are dollars and FSU is reluctant to agitate the legislative leadership by complaining....In mixing scientists and chiropractors in the same program, FSU may have planted the seeds of the new school's demise.”

In the news:

  • FDA warning comes too late,” by Carol Gentry, Health News Florida, 2 Sep 2010. By the time the FDA sent a warning letter to a Boca Raton company about misleading claims for its biofeedback machine -- saying it could treat allergies, asthma, and other ailments -- it was no longer in distribution. Another Boca company was selling another brand of machine, making similar claims.
  • Chiropractic denials of risk compared to decades old tobacco industry denials,” Newsguide.us, 2010 Feb 20. After testifying at the recent chiropractic stroke hearings in Connecticut, the Chiropractic Stroke Awareness Organization, along with the Campaign for Science Based Healthcare and Victims of Irresponsible Chiropractic Education and Standards, believes the event was successful in bringing the debate on chiropractic stroke back to science and evidence based-medicine. Jann Bellamy succinctly pointed out flaws in the so-called “Cassidy Study.”
  • Battle brews over safety of neck manipulation,” NECN, 2010 Jan 5.
  • Connecticut chiropractic board to consider stroke risk,” by Susan Haigh, Associated Press, 2010 Jan 3. Some are expected to testify at this week’s two-day hearing against requiring chiropractors to automatically inform patients about a stroke risk from joint mobilization, manipulation or adjustment of the spine. ‘I think we all see this as sort of the bellwether for the nation. Then it will spread to other places,’ said Jann Bellamy.”
  • Chiropractic board to consider ‘informed consent’ for neck manipulation,” Consumer Health Digest, 2009 Oct 15. Under some duress, the Connecticut State Board of Chiropractic Examiners has agreed to consider whether, as part of informed consent prior to neck manipulation, a chiropractor must address the risk of stroke with the patient. The intervenors arguing for full disclosure include the Campaign for Science Based Health Care (Attorney Jann Bellamy).”
  • Chiropractic at Florida State University: an account of an unsuccessful attempt at association,” by JW Kinsinger & MS Katz, Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine, 2005 Spring-Summer, 9(1):. In 2004, Florida Governor Jeb Bush signed the law authorizing the first chiropractic program at a publicly funded major research university in North America: Florida State University in Tallahassee. Initial opposition to the program from concerned citizens outside and inside the state made faculty and alumni aware that a chiropractic school would be a threat to the academic and scientific integrity of the university.



  • “Not an alternative, not medicine,” Florida State University College of Medicine, 12 Jan 2011.

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