Bruce A. Bouts, RPh, MD


Findlay, Ohio, USA

Bruce A. Bouts, RPh, MD, FACP, received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacy from Ohio Northern University and his Doctor of Medicine Degree from the Medical College of Ohio. He completed a residency in Internal Medicine at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus and a fellowship in Echocardiography at the Medical College of Ohio in Toledo. Dr Bouts is a Registered Pharmacist in the state of Ohio, board-certified in Internal Medicine, and a Fellow of the American College of Physicians. He has practiced Internal Medicine at Blanchard Valley Medical Associates since July of 1989. Dr Bouts’ special interests include drugs and natural drug products, health fraud, argyria, echocardiography, and electronic medical information systems.
Selected Papers:
  • [Images in Clinical Medicine] Argyria,” New England Journal of Medicine, 1999 May 20; 340(20):1554. “Suspensions of silver, available now in some health food stores and pharmacies, are touted for the treatment of many disorders, including the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, cancer, sore throats, meningitis, parasites, chronic fatigue, and acne, without substantiation.”

In the news:

  • Selling the promise of youth,” Bloomberg BusinessWeek, 2006 Mar 20. The anti-aging industry is offering a dizzying array of hormones and supplements. Business is booming. But some remedies are risky, and the benefits are unproven....[M]any doctors are leery of the bio-identical pitch. “Yams do not make hormones like humans do,” says Dr Bouts. “Compounding pharmacies are selling a bill of goods.”
  • “Physician warns that ‘natural’ diet supplements not always safe,” by M Mercer, The Courier [Findlay, OH], 2004 Oct 14.
  • “Tarnished health: local physician an expert on condition caused by ingestion of silver,” by M Mercer, The Courier [Findlay, OH], 2004 Jun 29; A6.
  • User claims liquid silver in supplements, nose drops turned skin silver,” by Greg Hunter, ABC News, 2004 Jun 9.
  • Silver health scams spread online,” by Julia Scheeres, Wired, 2003 Jan 10. “[T]here is no reason to prescribe silver preparations when we have modern antibiotics."


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