Lee A. Bricker, MD


Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

Lee A. Bricker, MD, FACP, FACE, is a professor of medicine, and director of the Adult Endocrine and Diabetes Clinics, at the Kalamazoo Center for Medical Studies. He earned his medical degree from University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (Philadelphia) and went on to specialize in endocrinology and diabetes. He is a Fellow of the American College of Endocrinology. He has been a board member for National Parkinson Foundation and belongs to several professional groups. The recipient of numerous awards, Dr Bricker has also authored of over two dozen research studies.

A captain in the US Air Force, in the Biodynamics Branch, Biomedical Research Division, Dr Bricker was a Flight Medical Officer, lecturing in physiology and participating in the Space Pilot Program of the United States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine at Brooks Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.

Selected Publications:

  • Foreword to The Alternative Medicine Hoax by Carl Bartecchi (Garev Publishing, 2002).
  • “Integrative medicine: a dissent,” Bronson Health Care in Review, 2002; 5:29.


  • “The Huntington Saga: from witchcraft to ethical conundrum,” Michigan State University School of Medicine, 2009.
  • “Of sacred cows and sacrificial lambs,” Aurora Presbyterian Medical Center, Aurora, Colorado, 1994.

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