Rachael Dunlop, PhD


Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Rachael Dunlop, PhD, is a prominent campaigner for science-based medicine in Australia, with a special interest in the anti-vaccination movement and lobby in that country. She has an undergraduate degree from the University of South Australia and an honours degree from the Department of Experimental Pharmacology and Toxicology of Adelaide University. She was awarded a PhD in 2005 from Sydney University Medical School and now works as a medical researcher at the Heart Research Institute, Sydney, Australia, in aging disorders and motor neurone disease/ALS.

Dr Dunlop was a reporter for The Skeptic Zone Podcast where she presented a popular segment called “Dr Rachie Reports” which dissects pseudoscience and spurious claims. Her blog, the Skeptics Book of Pooh Pooh covers many topics surrounding this, as well as other science and health related issues. A committee member of the Australian Skeptics, she writes for their website and helps organize meeting for the Sydney Skeptics.

A member of Mystery Investigators with Richard Saunders, Dr Dunlop enjoys teaching science to children by investigating the strange and mysterious. This interactive show visits primary and high schools and regularly contributes to National Science Week in Australia including The Family Science Fun Day and Science in the City. An ex-graphic designer, she enjoys combining her love of science and art as a science communicator.

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Selected publications:

  • "National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine-funded randomised controlled trials of acupuncture: a systematic review," (with J Snyder and E Ernst), Focus on Alternative and Complementary Therapies, 2012 Mar; 17(1):15-21. [DOI] [Abstract]

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  • On The Drum, 10 Jan 2011


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The anti-vaccination movement in Australia,” The Skeptics Guide to the Universe, podcast #198, 2009 May 7.

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Speaker, NECSS Conference, 2009.

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