Scott Gavura, MBA, BScPhm, RPh


Ontario, Canada

Scott Gavura, RPh, is a Canadian pharmacist with an interest in improving the public’s use of drugs and exposing related pseudoscience. He has a particular interest in improving decision-making at the patient- and population-level. He is a strong advocate for maximizing the professional role of the pharmacist to improve the science-based use of drugs.

Working in the Ontario healthcare system, Gavura's role is to manage the cost-effective use of expensive cancer therapies. He has held senior roles within government and professional associations, as well as practicing pharmacy in several different settings. Gavura is nationally active in guiding the evaluation of new drugs, and improving their cost-effective delivery. Gavura holds both a pharmacy degree and an MBA from the University of Toronto.


  • “Assessing the values of new therapy: where do we go from here?” (with A Rocchi, M Sabharwal, A Attaran, J Grueger, D Wong-Rieger & MJ Somerville), Journal of Population Therapeutics and Clinical Pharmacology, 2011 Apr, 18(2):e219-e230 [Epub]. [abstract]

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