Timothy Kreider, MD, PhD

Founding Fellow

Newark, New Jersey, USA

“Our educational exposure to ‘alternative medicine’ largely consists of
casual dismissal by some physicians and rosy generalities from others.
How can medical schools better equip us for critical analysis of unusual claims?”

Timothy Kreider, MD, PhD, developed interests in evidence-based medicine and improving the quality of medical education as a medical student at University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. On his medical school campus, he was a vocal critic of uncritical presentations of “alternative medicine.” As a contributor to the highly acclaimed blog Science-Based Medicine, Dr Kreider has given the public insights into the intrusion of unvalidated practices into the field of medicine via medical schools.

Dr Kreider received his doctorate in 2009 and his medical degree in 2011 from New Jersey Medical School. For his graduate dissertation he investigated the immune response to parasitic nematodes, and more recently he has studied the clinical assessment of decision-making capacity. He is currently a resident in psychiatry at University of Pennsylvania, with evolving interests in child psychiatry, placebo effects, and neuroethics.

Selected Writings:

  • “CAM on campus: ethics,” Science Based Medicine, 2010 Apr 8.
  • “CAM on campus: integrative medicine,” Science Based Medicine, 2010 Mar 11.
  • “A science-based blog about GMO,” Science Based Medicine, 2009 Oct 26.
  • “Mixed messages on campus,” Science Based Medicine, 2009 Oct 20.
  • “SBM in primary practice: one student’s experience,” Science Based Medicine, 2009 Aug 27.
  • “Medical training versus scientific training,” Science Based Medicine, 2009 Jul 4.
  • “Is translational research impaired by an emphasis on basic science?” Science Based Medicine, 2009 Jun 12.
  • “How I would run the CAM club,” Science Based Medicine, 2009 May 8.
  • “Response to a “CAM on campus” post,” Science Based Medicine, 2009 Apr 9.
  • “CAM on campus: naturopathy,” Science Based Medicine, 2009 Mar 22.
  • “CAM on campus: homeopathy,” Science Based Medicine, 2009 Mar 1.

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