David E. Winchester, MD


Gainesville, Florida, USA

[Photo: Jesse S. Jones, University of Florida]
David Winchester is a physician who promotes the advancement of science by conducting research and applying science to the actual practice of medicine. He graduated from the University of South Florida College of Medicine, trained in Internal Medicine at the University of Virginia, and completed training in Cardiology at the University of Florida in June 2011. He also obtained his Master’s of Science degree in Spring 2011.

For the last decade, Dr Winchester has participated in efforts to defeat Florida state licensure of naturopaths. (Florida Medical Association Fact Sheet: Naturopaths)

Dr Winchester reviewed the book Evidence-Based Practice: Logic and Critical Thinking in Medicine for the AMA Press. He serves as Chair for the American Medical Associations Resident and Fellows Section Committee on Scientific Research and Chair of the American College of Cardiology’s Fellows in Training Committee.

Dr Winchester has published papers on the use of statin medications prior to invasive procedures, the responsible use of cardiac computed tomography, and the limitations of medical literature databases. He is Editor-in-Chief of EchoJournal and writes about medicine, science, and critical thinking at Dr Dave, MD. An enthusiastic runner, Dr Winchester writes about running, and the science behind it, at Never Not Running.

Selected Publications:

  • “Evidence of pre-procedural statin therapy” (with X Wen, L Xie & AA Bavry), Journal of the American College of Cardiology, 2010 Sep 28; 56(14):1099-1109. [DOI] [abstract]
  • “Limitations of the MEDLINE database in constructing meta-analyses” (with AA Bavry), Annals of Internal Medicine, 2010 Sep 6; 153(5):347-348. [excerpt]
  • “Responsible use of computed tomography in the evaluation of coronary artery disease and chest pain” (with DC Wymer, RY Shifrin, SM Kraft & JA Hill), Mayo Clinic Proceedings, 2010 Apr, 85(4): 358-364. [abstract]

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